Tour de France

While we are waiting for Lucas’s visa for Europe to be confirmed, we can’t take any flights. Consequently we decided to explore Belgium’s neighboring country France by car. The country where Lucas’s predecessors originate from, before they decided to move to Argentina in the 19th century in order to escape the Franco-Prussian wars at that time.

EZE – Cote d’azur – France

An eagle’s nest carved out of rock high over the Mediterranean. Monte Carlo glitters to the left, to the right St. Tropez & Cap Ferrat are the regular eye candy from this spot. Scented roses, backdrop of olive trees and agaves. Like a painting. It has one of the most stunning views you will find anywhere in the world (except for Amalfi Coast according to us).


Château de la Chèvre d’Or

A sophisticated primal luxury within these medieval walls.

A secret hideaway beyond hipster trends. Timeless. To put on your bucket list. Nothing short of perfection.

Privilege is a matter of choice, so we decided to go for (never paid this amount before for a single cocktail) a 26€ Negroni and a Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri of the same amount. Watching the sunset from the terrace sipping, gazing at a scene that fills the heart. Timeless, and finally, so we decided, a priceless interlude.

Fait divers: Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson were sipping on the same terrace for the shoot of The Bucketlist (the scene where they dine at the gastronomique restaurant with panaromic views).

Room rates go from 310€ for a classic room in low season up to 3.600€ for the panoramic suite during high season.


Views that seduced Nietzsche

From 1883 onwards Friedrich Nietzshe often stayed on the French riviera. It was during his climb up this path from the seashore to the “wonderful Moorsish village of Eza, built among the rocks” that he composed the 3rd part of his work ‘Ainsi parlait Zarathoustra”.

After our cocktail in la Chèvre d’Or we decided to go down the pathway to Eze coast: a 45-minutes walk down from Eze village to Eze Sur mer. The beautiful view of the Mediterranean makes this hike worth the effort. Nietzsche’s philosophy gives encouragement at frequent intervals.

Eze? If you look further than the regular tourist trap you can find some surprises.


Pont du Gard – Roman aqueduct in Nîmes – France

In the south-East of France you’ll find lots of traces of the Roman empire, amongst which the artistic and engineering masterpiece: Pont du Gard.

It’s the highest Roman bridge aqueduct in the world, was built in the 1st century A.D. to carry water from a spring in Uzès to the Roman colony of Nîmes (the latter was one of the largest cities of the Roman empire).

It was added to UNESCO’s list ofmWorld Heritage Sites in 1985 and is proof of human creative genius. When in the region, enjoy this ancient Rome with a French twist.

Picture: taking in the grace and engineering genius of the aqueduct.



“Who has seen Paris and who hasn’t seen Cassis can say I have seen nothing.” (Frederic Mistral, Nobel Prize for Literature winner).

Provencal fishing village situated east of Marseille in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region in southern France.

In Belgium Cassis is famous for its sweet dark red liqueur made from blackcurrants: Crème de Cassis. Add some of this good old grandma booze to your champagne for an extra festive cocktail. However, visiting the place of delict, or better delicatesse, Cassis seems to be even more famous for its scenic views from the Calanques (a steep walled cove or inlet on the sea) alongside the French riviera.

Work your tan on the white rocks of the calanques -nudist safe haven for whom it might interest- and jump every once and awhile in the cold water. Always challenging to drag yourself out of the water afterwards as the waves are hitting hard.


Un été dans St Tropez

The summer playground for all of those who worked hard in the gym to get the perfect shape, or worked hard -and have the money- tout court.

Still, there is something alluring about Saint Tropez.

As a kid I was watching French movies feat. Brigitte Bardot (who started the clothes-optional revolution and still lives with all her loved animals in the area) and Louis de Funès (who played the character of the gendarme in the French comedy film series Le Gendarme de Saint-Tropez) together with my father on sundays.

Window-shop alongside the bodyguarded rue François Sibilli. Home to Bulgari, MiuMiu and Christian Dior, it is one of the Riviera’s most vibrant shopping streets, where customers can find the best luxury fashion and accessories.

Do try the tarte tropézienne, a combination of two velvety creams used to fill a delicious brioche cake with its generous coating of sugar grains. It owes its success to the traditional way in which it is crafted since 1955.
Get your sun tan on place de pampelonne, Niki beach.