About Chiche Bombón

We’re little runaways, from Belgium-Argentina.

We lick the taste of freedom by traveling as much as our job allows us to, in search for the unicorns: hotels, restaurants, hiking’s, shops, places, living creatures that have the ability to bestow magic & enchantment.

We’re here to feed your travel heart. To inspire you. As an alternative for the often soulless travel guides. (We can warmly recommend 36 Hours Taschen Books though.)

Traveling foremost between Latin America and Europe because of our roots, we discover and try out the hidden gems (so you can spend your precious time enjoying the crème de la crème of travel destinations).

Perhaps our writings are love letters return to sender. Anyway, we hope we can share the love with more mind like human beings through this blog.

* Chiche bombon is Porteño – Buenos Aires slang – expressing something/someone is awesome.

Ellen Sonck
Ellen, born in 1982 in Gent Belgium. Working in a creative agency in Brussels.

Lucas Arguello
Lucas, born in 1979 in Neuquén, Patagonia Argentina. Freelance web developer.